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Stewart Design is a brand consultancy that builds identities worth celebrating through verbal and visual clarity. We help companies feel proud of who they already are by clearly expressing their value so that they can become industry leaders. Since 2006, we have created iconic design solutions for corporations and startups worldwide, helping hundreds of companies thrive through the transformative power of clarity.

Creative collaborators

We ask valuable questions to solve critical challenges as the guide to your success. We understand that no two brands are the same. Our collaborative, results-driven approach begins with a clear understanding of your unique vision and objectives. We believe clarity produces the best results. This means asking, defining, refining, even challenging your vision.

Simple is smart

Stewart Design is known for our creative solutions delivered with refreshing simplicity. We believe simplicity is the cornerstone of effective communication – verbally and visually. Identity design is a process of reduction, distilling the essence of a company into a single persona. We believe that clear brands own markets.


Blake Stewart
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Aaron Johnson
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We work with ambitious companies who feel held back and are ready to change. We know that most businesses get stuck when they fail to clearly express their value. Our clients realize that doing nothing could limit their growth, even threaten loss of customers.

We engage with a limited number of clients, allowing us to work closely and personally throughout the intricacies of each project. If you’d like help with your transformation, we’d love to hear from you.

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