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Stewart Design is a brand consultancy that builds identities people know and love through verbal and visual clarity. We guide companies to discover and share their meaningful difference so that they can own their market.

We work with ambitious executives and entrepreneurs who feel stuck and are ready to change. We love solving real problems for businesses that offer real value. We typically support companies transitioning from weak positioning or a stale identity, changes in leadership or offerings, and organizational restructuring.

Feeling held back?

Unlock the full potential of your brand by sharing the unique value you provide clearly and compellingly.

Struggling to grow?

Invest in your authority to gain trust in your market. When people trust you emotionally, they justify their desire to buy from you.

Better than you look?

Many companies feel like the world's best-kept secret. We help companies that offer undeniable value to look the way they feel.


Blake Stewart
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Aaron Johnson
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Our process is interactive and intensive, enabling us to work closely and personally through the intricacies of each project. Tell us about the transition you are facing and how we might help.

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