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Stewart Design is a brand consultancy that builds identities worth celebrating through verbal and visual clarity. We help companies feel proud of who they are by clearly expressing their value so that they can become industry leaders. We work with ambitious companies who feel held back and are ready to change. We know that most businesses get stuck when they fail to clearly express their value.

Feeling held back?

Unlock your brand's full potential by presenting the unique value of your company in a clear and compelling way.

Struggling to grow?

Invest in your authority to gain trust in your market. When people trust you emotionally, they will justify their desire to buy from you.

Better than you look?

Many companies feel like the world's best kept secret. We help companies offering undeniable value look the way they feel.


Blake Stewart
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Aaron Johnson
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Since 2006, we have created iconic identity solutions for corporations and startups worldwide, helping hundreds of companies thrive through the transformative power of clarity.

We engage with a limited number of clients, allowing us to work closely and personally throughout the intricacies of each project. If you’d like help with your transformation, we’d love to hear from you.

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