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Aaron Johnson has Southern roots without an accent. He is a Lego lover turned brand builder. He loves cringy dad jokes, playing guitar, cooking, sad movies, and kayaking with his wife, Kayla.

Aaron is the creative director at Stewart Design, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company and focuses on business-led design solutions. Aaron loves helping connect companies with customers through clear and thoughtful communication. He has developed identities for a wide range of clients and works on tasks ranging from logo design and brand strategy to copywriting and advertising campaigns, concept proposals, print and digital communications, and brand guidelines.

Aaron is an award-winning identity specialist and creator of over 150 clear and enduring trademarks for companies worldwide. Among the dozens of identity programs he designed are the logos for Rectenwald Brothers, Stobitan Sports Surfaces, Get Fit Juices & Shakes, NetNutri, and Crab Shack Caribba. He has been a frequent recipient of industry honors and awards throughout his career, including HOW Design, Graphic Design USA, LogoLounge, Hiiibrand, Logo Wave, and the Worldwide Logo Design Awards.

Aaron is co-author of Your Brand Matters (2017), Stewart Design’s book on the value of brand identity.

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