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As an eight-year Army veteran, Blake Stewart founded Stewart Design after graduating from West Virginia University in 2006. Stewart Design has since guided over 1,300 businesses, providing companies with the tools to communicate effectively with the world around them, enabling their businesses to thrive.

Blake is the founder of Stewart Design, where he oversees every project from consultation to completion, working closely and personally with each client.

Blake's entrepreneurial spirit has nurtured and sustained the firm's growth. With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with many beloved brands, including Lowe's, Buffalo Wild Wings, State Farm, Marriott, West Virginia University, BNI, and Daniel Defense. Blake has designed identities for dozens of companies and spoken about logo design at events, conferences, and universities across the United States.

Born in London, England, Blake moved to the United States with his family at eight. Blake is married to Lindsey. They have a son, Marlowe, and a daughter, Aila. Blake loves spending time with his family, traveling, and adventure.

Blake is co-author of Your Brand Matters (2017), Stewart Design's book on the value of brand identity.

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