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Despite being one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools, business cards are widely overlooked in the business world. Your business card is often one of the first impressions you give to your customers, good or bad. With so much competition in the marketplace, a professional, high-quality business card can be the difference between a customer’s calling your business or another. 

So, what does a flimsy, cluttered, or boring card say about your business? 

A high-quality business card provides the following benefits:

  1. Profesional Image
  2. Personal Touch
  3. Affordable Advertisement 
  4. Distinction Amongst Competitors
  5. Versatile Tool
  6. Referral Source

1. Professional Image

One of the primary benefits of a high-quality business card is communicating professionalism, experience, and preparedness. Has anyone ever scribbled down their contact information on a piece of scrap paper or a napkin? Or sent you a text? If so, what impression did that leave of their business? It is likely not one of professionalism.

People notice the time, attention, and resources that you invest into your personal image and the image of your business. This simple act of competence - having a great business card - demonstrates that you care about every aspect of your business.

2. Personal Touch

Businesses are built on networking. Networking is all about personal connection. The most personal connections are made face-to-face with conversation, shaking hands, and exchanging business cards. In an increasingly digital world, business cards provide a tangible means to connect with other professionals.

3. Affordable Advertisement

Budgets are tight for most business professionals. We all know we need to advertise, but want to make sure our money will be well-spent. Business cards offer the perfect solution to this common dilemma as one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, costing only pennies per card. That's a steal in the advertising world.

4. Distinction Amongst Competitors

How would your business card stand up in a stack with your competitors? Despite their many benefits, most businesses do not take full advantage of the opportunity that business cards provide. A great business card helps you stand out. Business cards can be the difference between gaining prospective clients or losing them to your competition.

5. Versatile Tool

Business cards offer the most portable form of advertisement. Convenient and compact, business cards allow you to readily share information about your business anywhere and at any time. 

6. Referral Source

A creative business card is more likely to be noticed, remembered, and shared with others. A high-quality business card can keep working for you well after your first impression, leading to more business.

At Stewart Design, we take pride in the quality of our unique business card options, ensuring that our customers create a positive, lasting impression every time someone sees their cards. Avoid getting lost in a mountain of mundane business cards. Stand out with quality you can see and feel with business cards from Stewart Design.

Are you ready to create a lasting first impression with your business cards? Click the contact button below to request samples or to get started on your project.

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