The BrandPlan

We help businesses answer the life or death question, “why should they choose us?” The implications of your response impact every facet of your organization from the inside out. Yet, much gets lost in the chaos of starting and running a business. Answering this question is at the heart of everything we do.

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This question is a big deal to us because it’s a big deal to you. It may sound elementary but without customers, you have no business. Clearly and consistently communicating your meaningful difference with the right people will put you leaps and bounds ahead of most companies. On the flip side, if your competitors do this first, they’ll likely leave you in the dust. Everything you do – or ignore – is either helping or hurting your business. The choice is yours: procrastination or preparation.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln
U.S. President


BrandPlan delivers clarity to build businesses that are easy to know and love. Together, we will develop strategies and actionable insights that leverage your unique strengths to guide and grow your business.

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Who are we?

This foundational module illuminates your place in the world, uncovering why your company needs to exist, and defines your legacy in the making.

Who are they?

No one really cares about what you do. They care about what’s in it for them. Our next step uncovers on the best customers and what they really want to become their only choice.

who are they brand strategy
what are the alternatives brand strategy

What are the alternatives?

Every potential customer has three options: your company, competitors, or nothing. This section exposes chinks in your competitors' armor to win the battle for customer choice.

How are we different?

The closing chapters showcase your meaningful difference, distinct claims, and unique identity so you can stand out as the obvious choice.

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Illuminate Your Business

“Once we began the process with Stewart Design, everything became clear. It was like a light switch flipped on as we began to see we were in the dark without even knowing it.”

phil goss usark branding testimonial

Phil Goss

President of USARK

Dominate Your Market

“I don’t believe we would have been as successful if we had worked with any other company. In a matter of months, Get Fit has transformed from a dream to becoming recognized as the authority in health and fitness, allowing us to grow quickly – even command a higher price than our competitors."

ray glymph profile picture branding testimonial

Ray Glymph

Cofounder at Get Fit

Reimagine and Relaunch

"Stewart Design was the solution to the problem we didn't know we had. They helped us see through the day-to-day noise and sharpen our focus, guiding us through the critical conversations to take our company to the next level with a clear plan with practical action steps. Their thoughtful expertise gave us the confidence to rethink EVERYTHING, and I'm thrilled that we did."

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Justin Kobylka

Owner at KINOVA

Extend Your Legacy

"For the first time, our message is clear and meaningful. As I began reading it all out loud, it honestly gave me chills. Finally, we have an iconic and timeless brand that I know will continue to serve my family well for generations to come."

justin profile picture branding testimonial

Tyler Davis

Principal Agent at Davis Insurance Advisors

Start Scaling Right Away

“Our business has flourished with new customers week after week since the launch. People started asking if we were a new franchise. We’re constantly getting compliments on our new look and have even noticed an uptick in the quality of applicants to build the best staff we’ve ever had. Our company is completely transformed."

bill wymer profile picture branding testimonial

Bill Wymer

President at In & Out Tire

Realize Your Vision

“I am indebted to Stewart Design. Without their expert guidance, MTC may have never realized its full potential. I feel like we're finally sharing who we really are. They challenged and focused my business to transform our entire trajectory. I'm sure the rewards will continue to come in more ways than I can even predict."

booker profile picture branding testimonial

Booker Walton

President at MTC

Transition With Ease

"Our plan was not working. Stewart Design handled our problem with ease and challenged us to rethink the entire focus of our company to transition with clarity."

nick profile picture branding testimonial

Nick DeMedici

Executive Director at SaferSite

See Things in a New Light

"I cannot say enough good things about Stewart Design. Even with all their knowledge and experience, they still heard out all of our ideas, thoughts, and concerns. And when something wasn't going to work, they didn't just shoot it down but redirected it to something even better than before. I came in with a vague idea of what I wanted but left with a clear picture of what I knew Sugar Bar would be. I wouldn't have gotten to that without them."

justin profile picture branding testimonial

Lauren Kayal

Founder at Sugar Bar Sweets + Coffee