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Blue Ridge is a large group of insurance companies throughout the United States. The merging of three Northeastern insurance companies, including a former client of ours, Dyer Group, necessitated developing an identity for the new brand, Blue Ridge Risk Partners.

The Blue Ridge identity features the imagery of the sun and a mountain, providing visual reinforcement of the brand name and psychological association with strength, stability, vision, guidance, and accessibility. Blue Ridge currently operates within the top 100 insurance agencies in the United States.

"Our collaboration with Stewart Design was vital to our merger. The challenge to effectively bring together three companies with over 300 combined years of operation was no easy task. The results they delivered were amazing, providing a clear and concise brand image that captured the heart of our new organization. Stewart Design's consultation and expertise are unmatched. Their team is always available, responsive, and quick to deliver amazing results. I can't recommend them enough. Stewart Design is truly a partner in our success."
Josh Zontek, Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Ridge Risk Partners

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