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Get Fit Juices & Shakes is a health-focused chain featuring a broad offering of fresh-pressed juices, blended drinks, supplements, and snacks.

The Get Fit identity was developed with rapid expansion in mind. Get Fit was founded in 2018, with the first store located in Morgantown, West Virginia. Due to its overwhelming success, the second location opened a year later and continues to thrive as a staple of health and fitness in the region.

The Get Fit logo mark symbolizes slices of fruits and vegetables. The radial shapes imply a blender and communicate refreshment, rejuvenation, and a healthy pattern of life. The Get Fit identity is healthy, playful, versatile, and approachable with strong meaning.

“I don’t believe we would have been as successful if we had worked with any other company. In a matter of months, Get Fit has transformed from a dream to becoming recognized as the authority in health and fitness, allowing us to grow quickly – even command a higher price than our competitors. Our strategy and identity have unlimited value as we continue to franchise.”
Ray Glymph, Founder at Get Fit Juices & Shakes

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