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Stewart Design worked with Justin Kobylka to develop a high-end identity for KINOVA, the world’s leading designer ball python breeder. Kobylka needed to clearly define his position as a python pioneer, develop a luxurious identity reflective of his international acclaim, and distance his connection with the brand as the company expands into future partnerships and beyond.

J. Kobylka Reptiles’ new brand name, KINOVA, is inspired by its mission of innovation while retaining a similar verbal quality to its predecessor. KINOVA’s industry-leading messaging is clear, inspiring, and self-aware.

The KINOVA identity is polished and premium, featuring a sleek and strong letterform. Influenced by luxury and fashion brands, KINOVA's visual elements are minimalistic and product-focused to signal exclusivity and confidence.

"Stewart Design was the solution to the problem we didn't know we had. I highly recommend their design services and solutions, but even more, their brand workshops, which helped us see through the day-to-day noise and sharpen our focus. With Stewart Design, we identified our customers, value, brand voice, and company goals to guide us as we continue to grow. They listened closely and guided us through the critical conversations to take our company to the next level, helping us develop a clear plan with practical action steps. Their thoughtful expertise gave us the confidence to rethink EVERYTHING about our image and marketing - and we are thrilled that we did!"
Justin Kobylka, Owner of KINOVA

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