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Princeton Entertainment Group is a premiere producer of live entertainment for cross-generational audiences. Princeton presents various contemporary and classical artists and provides consulting services for the nation’s most important performing arts centers.

Facilitated by a restructuring of leadership, the ever-growing network of producers and artists changed its name from Princeton Entertainment to Princeton Entertainment Group as part of its strategic rebranding.

The new trademark is bold and confident to position Princeton as a leader in the industry, reflecting their longstanding presence in entertainment. The letter form mimics a speech bubble, symbolizing artistic expression. Its unique forward slant positions Princeton as dynamic, forward-thinking, and trend-setting.

“Princeton has always used NYC or LA firms for all of our work. As a West Virginia native, it was my idea to direct work to our home state. I didn’t want anyone to ever poke holes in my choice there. I wanted the rest of the world to see the talent we have here in West Virginia, and I am fiercely protective of our reputation. Stewart Design hit it out of the park. Our team is thrilled with Stewart Design’s creative solution for our brand. It perfectly captures the image we wanted to project. We love the new logo and are excited to employ our new identity moving forward.”
Mark McCoy, Partner at Princeton Entertainment Group

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