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Rectenwald Brothers specialize in retail construction throughout North America. Since 1985, Rectenwald has completed over 2,400 commercial projects working with dozens of brands including Nike, Ulta, H&M, Aéropostale, GAP, and many others.

Rectenwald’s primary objective was to attain clear distinction from a spin-off company, taking claim of the brand name Rectenwald in the marketplace. We worked with Rectenwald to revitalize their outdated identity, to build a trademark that reflects their strength and trust.

In the first three years after introducing the new identity alongside strategic marketing, Rectenwald's annual revenue increased by more than 60%, which had plateaued for years earlier.

The new trademark provides continuity with the established brand foundation - a bold letterform and the color red. It is strong and precise, carefully constructed from basic geometric forms. Rectenwald’s new identity is firm, precise, and iconic.

“What impresses me most about Stewart Design is the time and attention they dedicated to patiently guiding us throughout their process. Stewart Design went to great lengths to understand our business and communicate the technical reasoning behind their solutions. The process was incredibly personal and informative. As a result, Stewart Design was able to provide us with a brand that effectively reflects our company culture and history.”
Art Rectenwald, President at Rectenwald Brothers

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