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Regional Eye is a medical group practice that specializes in Ophthalmology. As the practice continued to expand its high-level services and operations, Regional Eye contacted Stewart Design to remedy their impractical, dull trademark.

We worked with Regional Eye to modernize their image to increase visibility and encourage expansion. A new graphic identity system was developed to more accurately reflect the established brand. Regional Eye’s trademark distills the essence of vision, suggesting both an iris and illumination.

“Our collaboration with Stewart Design was most impactful due to their desire to not only provide us with a new logo but also to help draw out what was most important to our business, to understand our vision, and guide us along the way. The process with Stewart Design was fun and informative from start to finish. Our new identity is perfect. Its simple, elevated look sets the stage for the high-level services we provide and has laid the groundwork for our sophisticated marketing strategies. We ended up with an identity that we’re proud of and an ongoing relationship with Stewart Design that continues to improve our brand with each connection.”
Kelli Gray, Executive Manager at Regional Eye

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