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Stobitan, a division of Stockmeier Urethanes, specializes in the production of surfaces for track and field sports. To increase distinction and credibility in the marketplace, we worked with Stockmeier Urethanes to design an identity for the long-standing global brand, which had previously been promoted by name alone.

Stobitan’s bold S letterform draws from visual elements of lanes of a running track and the tread pattern of a shoe, providing meaningful association to athletics. The new identity is confident, recognizable, and versatile across international applications.

“When we set out to create a logo for Stobitan, simplicity and distinction were our goals – we felt that Stewart Design was the best partner to achieve that. As a global company, we had multiple countries that needed to be happy with the logo, and they nailed it on the first shot with thoughtful and creative design. The new logo represents us perfectly and has brought our advertising to another level, continuing to facilitate success in our niche market.”
Melissa Martinkat, Global Marketing Manager at Stockmeier Urethanes

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