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The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a nonprofit organization that protects the freedom of responsible reptile keeping through education, litigation, and conservation. As the voice of the industry, USARK advocates for the responsible private ownership and trade of reptiles and amphibians across the country.

USARK struggled to articulate its critical contribution to the industry, with support from less than 10% of the industry. USARK’s dated and detailed aesthetic failed to reflect the organization's credibility. Stewart Design partnered with USARK to develop a clear message and versatile brand identity reflective of USARK’s purpose, patriotism, and strength as the largest advocacy of its kind.

USARK’s new logotype is practical and powerful, providing credibility to legislators, clarity to the general public, and strength to members of the reptile community. The solid rectangular housing is bold, eye-catching, and highly practical across many brand applications, including photography, advertisement, apparel, and the like.

"We could not imagine a better experience than we had with Stewart Design! Not only does Stewart Design set the standard for professionalism, but their competence and ability are unmatched. At first, it was challenging to see why our organization should even investigate rebranding. However, once we began the process with Stewart Design, everything became clear. It was like a light switch flipped on as we began to see we were in the dark without even knowing it. USARK's fresh image is clear and illuminating. Now, it's easy to see how so many organizations are hurting themselves with complex design and aimless messaging. In a world of short attention spans and instant gratification, Stewart Design has helped USARK reach more people while also making our mission clear to our entire audience, rather than being geared toward only one section in the stadium. Before, we had only a bullhorn. Thanks to Stewart Design, we now have coliseum surround sound with jumbotrons full of the right people. This rebrand will undoubtedly help USARK achieve its goals and grow. Thank you, Stewart Design!"
Phil Goss, President of USARK

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